Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Days Are Just Packed

In the words of Calvin and Hobbes "The Days are Just Packed". This June has been frantic First Drama Camp then Tennis Camp at Parkveiw high school. Lastly next week I will have Mercer University College for Kids it is a writing camp witch I have been too going to for the Fifth time, but who's counting? *cough me cough* May throat feels better know. I am worn down right to a Rachel Stub and I feel quite exhausted at the moment so in the words of Old Saint Nickolas "-and to all a good night."

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tennis is awesome . I am Great at the backhand volley and okay at both ground strokes I have never gotten a ball stuck in a fence but I Know i am inproving. Let me explain the two strokes I was talking about okay.
Volley: You've most likely heard of VolleyBall well in VolleyBall you want the ball to stay in the air the same thing with the Volley you hit the ball without swinging when it is in the air.
Groundstroke: Self explanitory.
I Love Tennis. See ya : )

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I like a lot of old scary or silly movies like my personal fav: Murder by Death I love the dumb twists and jokes you just cannot get. I love the way that Mr. Twain hates way wang not use pronouns. It is hilarous!!! And I am really not sure if that scorpion was real or not. I need a minute I am still watching it so I need I few moments to laugh. HA HA HA better but somehow I just can't stop laughing when I watch this movie. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Enphisis on The !!!!!!!!!!!!) Well bye. HA HA HA!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm sorta bored. Hmm... I have nothing to say. Well oh poo. Hey that word(poo) gave me an Idea! Oh Man Oh Boywhy not Oh Women and Oh Girl ? We were getting my tennis racket today and Eve and Noah freaked out and wanted a Dora and SpongeBob racket, now Eve is signed up for tennis camp with me but I seriously doubt she cares. I bet she just wants to use the Dora racket and pink tennis balls . *cough Waste of money *cough Ahh much better.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kid shows

I have more "shelfari books than shown on my shelf. Check them out. Again about the T.V. Review comments. Why doesn't Cailoo have hair? Why don't characters ever change clothes? Why don't they age? Where were they born neverland or something? And those unnesscessary pauses like: What color is this Baloon? Pink yes. I mean come on! And what is with the dumb songs? And the wiggles and Barney they say fith graders like them. It is like there saying to the little kids: "The older kids like us if you don't your dumb!" It's just downright MEAN. I hate those dumb kid shows.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

How ya doin'?

I have decided to do a book review site because I have so many books I ADORE! *Cough Mostly by Shannon Hale cough * Ahh thats much better now. I hate very few books that I hate. I rarley come across a book that makes me almost spew but I always findssomething I like about the book. If I did a tv show review I would Give Dora the Explorer a big fat -5 stars and that is speech by heart. By the way SHANNON HALE ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I give her 100 million Gizzilion Stars. I normally like scary storys but I don't like many of R.L. Stines books.

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