Sunday, February 22, 2009


Since I haven't updated in a while I have a few things to tell you guys! Here goes it: I got accepted for Safety patrol but I am already finished with my time, but I do have a nice story. On my third day of Safety Patrol a cute little 1st grade or Kindergarten boy came up to me and said "You're pretty." I said Thank you and he moved on. A couple days later he comes up to me again and says "You"re just as pretty as when I met you." (Shocked Silence) I don't even know this kid! Well that was cute but super embarrasing. Any how I have an apology to make. I said in my last blog that I had a pushy grandfather. apprently that was not all true. My apoligizes un-pushy grandfather. Well bye you guys. will try to write again soon. BYE!!!

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