Thursday, April 16, 2009

real Crush?

I know the title sounds like a cheesy teenage romance novel, but actually it's a chessy pre-teen anti-romance real life thing. I just love those!
Well so I admit it I had a crush on a boy in my math class and he was really cute and had loads of freckles. So for some unknown reaseon at girl scouts we started talking about boys. I told everyone out loud who mine was. Julia burst out in spontanius spazzy laughing attack! At first I was offended then she explained.
Chezzy pre-teen anti-romance real life thing: So aparently in 4th grade he chased a girl around the playground and grabbed her trying to kiss her. He managed to kiss her leg hair before struggling and wiggiling free. Then, she took of. So obviously he was not fully satisfied and chased her more failing to get some more leg hair lovin'. POP! there goes my crush on that guy. I shall never lay eyes upon him once more except in complete scorn.
And thus ends our chezzy preteen anti-romance thing!

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