Tuesday, September 13, 2011


To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
Hex Hall- Rachel Hawkins
(Book Series)-
The Sisters Grimm- Michael Buckley
Mysterious Benedict Society- Trenton Lee Stewart
Fablehaven- Brandon Mull
1-800-Where-are-you- Meg Cabot

Pride and Prejuide(2005)
Murder by Death
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

1. Dark Blue
2. Seafoam Green
3. Chocolate Brown
4. White
5. Violet Purple

I like all of them in their own right... Maybe not Mosquitos.
I like Bats the best though.

Refried Black Beans

Black Cherry Soda/Kool-aid

T.V. Shows~
Doctor Who
Corner Gas
Sarah Jane Adventures
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Upside Down Show

I like to classify by band.
Depeche Mode
Christina Perri
Chameleon Circuit
Natasha Bedingfield
Genre: Classic Rock 80s

People walking into conversations at awkward moments
That really great comeback you thought of during the argument
The sound of rain
Reading a good book while it's warm inside and raining outside
Sitting on the porch while it rains
The smell of old books, vanilla, a dewy morning
Having a day where you just constantly smile
That A-HA! moment
Making name combinations that sound cool and mean something
The Powerpuff Girls theme song

It's been a while...

The title says it all. It's certainly been a while. In fact a year and 6 days so I've decided to write a blog entry filling in as many of the wholes as possible in a brief and concise manor! :)

I'm actually in 8th Grade now! It's going okay, I got Mr. Sell again (YES!)and I have probe math AHHH!!! All of my teachers are really fabulous this year. Unlike last year with a certain demon math teacher! It was a great academic year for me, though. I'm going to miss my Language Arts teacher tons. I didn't like her in 6th Grade, but I really grew to love her in 7th.

We went to Utah and Colorado mainly. In Utah we made really awesome glass flowers, met LOADS of family, and had an all around fantastic time along with great tidings of Hostess Snowballs! <3
In Colorado we went to Mesa Verde a stop we did the last time we were there, but wasn't really explored to the extent it was this time around. We got to see some really fascination cliff dwellings left behind and learn a lot about the native people.

Later we stayed at some of my Dad's friend's house. It was great and they took us Horse-back (cleaning, grooming, leading) riding and Aaron and I got to hold a baby horse. Literally, we got to hold it in our arms!
Friends~ Last year I made a bunch of new friends: Samantha, Savannah, Taylor, and more! It was an awesome year for me! :D Still besties with Lydia, Sabrina, and Julia of course. And keeping in touch with Taia, Meghann, and Brenna.

Book~ Gah! So many! If you really want to know look at my Shelfari.
~~~ So yeah Toodles~~~

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