Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another review? You've got to be kiding me!

Stardust The Movie:
The movie was better the book. I would probably give it a four and a half star rating. With extra points for the discreteness of "those" scenes. *wink* Overall the plot is very original and the humor is better than most fairytale love stories too.

Stardust the book Neil Gaimen:

I give the book three stars as in I liked it, but was probably less clever than the movie. *le-gasp* ANd points off for the language and not discrete enough "scenes". Must I say.. Say no more.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Horesradish by the Infamous Lemony Snicket:

It is just really a collection of quotes that "Lemony Snicket" has made up, but they are absolutley brilliant! I make fun of my mother for ripping up pieces of paper and sticking it in to bookmark pages, but now I understand. Thank you The Santana/Randolph Family for giving me this splendid book. ***** Five stars! To truly understand the morose genius behind this book you have to read it. WHich is an activity I highly recomend!... No seriously.

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