Wednesday, November 12, 2008



My friend brought over a few really yummy Gingersnaps.(Yes Grampa I know your Jealous...) Also we made a few cookies a few nights ago. I just Have lots a lots stuff to talk about so I am going to squish them together.
I have a new student in my class, My teacher is finally back to school and she loves reading!!( I know it will corupt my mind, Dad.) One of my best friends got a new puppy that goes wacko sometimes. Uhh lets scan the brain. Ahh yes I finished my new book that will be on my reveiws so check that out soon.
My bus has a heater and when the bus driver( Mr.Mario, not the video game character.) turns it on it smells like cotton Candy for a minute, but after a while it starts to smell like burnt rubber. Altoughg it is pretty dang warm in cozy. Bye!!

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