Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No more cave kissing!

Okay, so recently in many of the "popular" books I've been reading( Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, etc) They've had two of the main characters fall in love. Of course since I really did not like these books they had no character development and they're first kisses were in a cave. I don;t know why, but it is really annoying me because they shouldn't be in love! well, they can have a crush on each other, but really kissing in a cave. It's a bit serious don't you think? rawr. NEVER believe the hype kiddies.

--------Book Reviews------

The Hunger Games: There are many things that turn be into a giant squid of anger this book would be one of them. I only found one character deep. There was no real suprises. The main characters made me made and the only sweet character got speared. Hm... 2 stars?

The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters: So creative and fun! You might want to keep a journal to find out the riddles along with Tick! Each character was deep and funny. I found the blend of fantasy and science fiction totally enjoyable. A great read. 4 1/2 stars plus there wasn't a single cave kissing scene in the entire 508 pages! Whootus Whootus!

-------7th Grade------

it's definitely going to be more challenging than any other grade mostly because the amount of homework. And NO time after school to breath much less get anything done. I'm liking most of my teachers even My language arts teacher. The only real exception to this rule is My Math teacher who calls on you for doing nothing. if you look away from her for a second she will yell at you for not paying attention. If you cough she glares at you! A significant change from my 6th Grade Math teacher who was the most amazing math teacher the world has ever known! Long Live Mrs. Chen!

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