Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disease and Holiday Cheer

So for about 4 days I've been sick with something that is causing my tonsils to swell to unimaginable sizes and my nose to just stop functioning. Sooo... I've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Mostly I've been lying around going on Youtube and Memebase, watching cheesy romantic comedies, hacking/ nose-blowing, and staring at myself in the mirror wondering how come my hair only looks that good when I'm about to take a shower or not going to see anyone for days. So far it hasn't been enjoyable.

My Girl Scout buddies came over yesterday and I was so desperate for company I was hopping up and down even in my state of disease. And because I love them dearly I had to print out pictures of skulls and crossbones and label everything I came into contact with.

So right now I'm living for those moments when I haven't already heard that hilarious Stephen Wright quote on Youtube and the anticipation of many presents in my near future.

Happy Holidays!

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