Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Carols

There’s something about the radio stations that normally play music I like (ex. 80s) playing Christmas Carols really really gets on my nerves. I’ll turn on the radio expecting Journey and instead I get a butchered version of Silent Night! Even if it’s not a bad version of the song it’s still not what I thought I was getting into. It’s like with food. It’s like Fritos are good, but if you’re expecting fine cuisine it is just frustrating.

And now for the bomb-shell. I don’t really like most Christmas Carols. *gasp* They have weird lyrics and disturbingly long held notes. It’s just not pleasing to the ears. I’m not saying all are bad. Just the vast majority of them.
98.5 I give you clearance you do it every year, but everyone else: PLAY THE STUFF I WANT…


1 comment:

Sue H. said...

I love Christmas Music and I listen to two stations that play Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas day. I am very sad that you don't like Christmas Carols.
Perhaps if you learned to sing them you would appreciate them more.


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