Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Covers.

GAH!! Where do I begin?!

It's like the beginning of the Snuggie Commercials only it's with book covers. "Book Covers they slip they slide they're nearly impossible to get a grip on!" I abhor them. Completely abhor them. I always have to take them off and then I forget where I put them. Then, they get bent, ripped, and wrinkled. This too infuriates me. Everything about the darn things just irk me to no end.

I recognize that if I publish a book one day it could possibly be in hard-cover with the book covers, but why would I ever want to put anyone through that kind of misery? I'm not that cruel! No matter what people have been telling you.

Book Covers. No, just no.

1 comment:

Sue said...

We will form a new group the Book Cover removal society.

Check out my blog. I promised I would blog and I did.


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